Empowering the entrepreneurs

If you have landed in this merch shop, most likely you already know that Startup Wise Guys is an accelerator fund for passionate B2B founders. But did you know that our mission is to help founders build great, international and sustainable companies? We are here to empower entrepreneurs, to lift them up, to challenge them, and always, always have fun on the way.

Be bold, be crazy, be you

When we rebranded in early 2023, many people thought we were crazy changing our logo to a smiley face with funky hairdo. But we rather see it as a badass move - having a brand like this in the ocean of generic logos. Our merch is a power move too – it's for the bold ones, for those that don't stick with the status quo, who go out there every day and make a difference. If you've got the vibe, we've got the merch. Now let's rock it!

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